The Sunshine Kitchen team were requested to create a vegan buffet for a catering client recently, which was served at a large birthday celebration. This has been a wonderful learning experience for everyone, making cakes using avocado, and using a range of interesting techniques to get good results with both sweet and savoury items. Best of all, we were delighted to receive the following feedback from our client –

The food was spectacular! There were so many comments on how wonderful it was, and a few local Fifers saying that they would look into using you for future events. There wasn’t too much left over, but enough to enjoy it for lunch yesterday and today. The Gluten Free folk were ecstatic there was pizza for them!

Thank you so much for all the support you provided, and to your cooks as they did a marvellous job. Please give them all 10 gold stars!’

– Emma Parker

Here are some images of the food being made and the final result:





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